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Re: Waves TR/GTR (was: Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.)

> Dammit, this product is a winner!

I agree. It certainly sounds pretty good, insofar as one can judge  
these things based on a video clip like that, of course. I do think  
the guy is full of it when he says the Waves GTR software will  
replace their studio amps--unless, of course, they have crappy amps!  
That (to me, at least) sounded like an insincere comment and a  
shameless sales pitch for the product. Nonetheless, the Waves/GTR  
software did sound pretty good, and I'd certainly look into it for  
direct recording when blasting tube amps isn't an option. Effects  
sounded pretty nice, too, I must say. I had a Pod XT Pro for a short  
time, and I thought it sounded like shit. This software has a much  
better sound, from what I can tell.