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AW: Mobius/Windows: how to stop loops

Dear Jeff,

thanks for your quick reply! That's what I call user support.

There are basically two things  I had in mind.

1) I have a loop running, then stop the audio output mid-loop and somtime
later restart the loop from the beginning.
This can be accomplished by setting MuteMode to Start if I get this
Application: Record the introductory toms+guitar riff of Slayer: Raining
Blood on one track. To play the intro as it appears on the recording, I'll
want to have only the beginning of the loop playing, then a pause, then to
restart the loop. 

2) I have a loop running, then stop the audio output mid-loop and somtime
later continue loop playback from the point where I stopped.
According to your explanation, this is done by MuteMode=Pause.
Application: I record a cadenza into a track. Now I want to play each chord
of the cadenza and then fill in between the chords with some stuff I play.

Thanks again,


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> Betreff: Re: Mobius/Windows: how to stop loops
> Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> > How does one stop and restart a loop? The things you do on most 
> > loopers by hitting the play button while a loop is playing, or by 
> > hitting a dedicated stop button.
> I'm not exactly sure what you want but here are some 
> functions that do things similar to starting and stopping.
> Reset (or long press of Record)
>    Stops the loop and erases it.
> Record
>    Stops the current loop and begins recording a new one.
> Retrigger
>    Stop the loop and immediately start playing it from the beginning.
> Mute
>    Toggle a loop in and out of mute.  Putting a loop into mute is
>    similar to stopping because you hear no sound.  Bringing it out
>    of mute is controlled by the MuteMode parameter with these values:
>      Continuous
>        The loop keeps playing silently and resumes playing wherever
>        it is the moment you unmute it.
>      Start
>        The loop keeps playing silently, but is retriggered from the
>        beginning when you unmute.
>      Pause
>        The loop stops and resumes from the point it was stopped,
>        similar to the way the pause button works on a tapedeck.
> Jeff