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Re: Using a laptop onstage: twisty little passages

mech wrote:
> It *is* from one of the old text style computer games, although it seems 
> it's gotten passed around between several of them -- almost like a 
> programmer in-joke.  I first remember seeing it on an old Commodore 64 
> version called Adventure (I think) but I believe Zork coined it long 
> before that.

Ah Adventure, I think I had to retake a college course because of that one.
It actually predates the Commodore 64, the first version was released in 
was written in Fortran, and ran on mainframes and what were at the time 
"minicomputers".  Zork shares some of the same DNA but came along 

If anyone is interested (and gosh, who wouldn't be?) there is a history of 
game here: