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RE: fractal loops (was: keeping loops interesting)

From: Krispen Hartung
> For some reason, I thought if you copied track 2 and 
> pasted in track 3, then applied a rate shift of +12 or -12  that it
> treat it as a new source track, rather than a second rate shift
applied to 
> track 1. 

It does, and that is the problem.  Rate shift is like adding reverb at
the output, it is an effect that does not actually modify the loop.
So if track 2 has Rate +12, you copy track 2 to track 3 and give
track 3 Rate +12, the result is not +24 of track 1.  It is still 
just +12 of track 1. 

If the goal is to make each track +12 of the previous, you can't
do this by copying and setting rate +12, the rates have to 
be 12, 24, 36, 48, etc.  and we can only go to 24 right now.

As Rainer says, one workaround is to bounce tracks rather than 
copy them.  Bouncing is a real-time process that captures the output
of the track not the "source" of the track.  So you apply a 
successive +12 shift to each bounce and go into the stratosphere.
The problem here is that bouncing is not instantaneous, you have
to let the loop play once to bounce the track.