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Re: Bob Sellon MidiDowntown LooperPro

At 23:48 10/01/2007, you wrote:
>I was looking up Bob Sellon's information on the Lexicon MPX G2 and
>stumbled upon this, which I haven't seen mentioned on LD yet:
>The LooperPro is supposed to turn Lexicon JamMan and Reflex into a
>Look's suspiciously "under construction", though. Anyone heard about

No, I checked Bob's page a about a month ago and there was no mention.
At that time there was a load of out of date stuff on the site, which 
was very disappointing.

The "How can I get this software" link isn't there yet, so I think 
you're right about "under construction".

...but this looks very promising, as it shows that Mr. Sellon has 
been working on this recently.

andybutler (JamMan owner)