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Re: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices. WAS: Early bird loopers with Live?

 > for hard on-the-beat sequencing of loop mangling I go for scripting  
in Mobius.

Hm. Scripting in Mobius... sounds complicated but what isn't? I feel  
there's got to be a great solution in here for me (finally). The  
second I opened up Mobius (just now) and saw those familiar EDP  
functions I knew it was a missing piece of the puzzle..

Between Mobius, Ableton Live 8, and Mainstage for software with a  
Rocktron Midi Mate foot pedal  for starting and stopping RMX parts  
individually as well as the EDP-like Mobius functions, a GCP for Live  
clip/sceen functions (now that there's a Bome's midi translator for  
mac), the x-tempo POK for various things like arrows, copy/paste, and  
duplicate functions where it makes sense (so I don't have to bank up  
and down all the time)---I think I'll finally be able to really nail  
my system down:

--- Stylus RMX (along with others, but RMX as the base) for drums with  
independent parts stopped and started via feet. (I think RMX is  
acceptable live if it's played like an instrument w/ the feet.)
--- Trilogy (and logic sound modules if using Mainstage) via EWI or  
Midi Guitar for bass (or a real bass ) layered over the drums
--- Then guitar, vocals, sax, or midi sounds from NI Kore, Motu's  
Symphonic or Ethno instruments (among others) layered over the bass  
and drums.
--- And, Livid Union with the Ohm controller and x-tempo POK (and  
sometimes EWI and Midi Guitar) for live video trigger/manipulation.

Missing components were getting Stylus RMX to be foot controlled,  
Bome's Midi Translator for mac and the x-tempo-POK to ease foot  
control set up, and Mobius/Live8 for true software looping  
functionality. All coming together now... it has to be.

I think we're a few months away from a demo of some sort, people!...  
once I get everything playing well together.

(I'm excited so I thought I'd share.) When I truly figure out the best  
set up and work flow (hardware, software, and musically speaking)  I  
will pass it on in full detail.

On Apr 6, 2009, at 3:27 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM, David Hayes <stringfling@gmail.com>  
> wrote:
>> Thank you so much for your time. The main thing I was looking for  
>> was a way
>> to Loop with Stylus RMX as the basic drum part, taking the drum  
>> parts in and
>> out with my footswitch and always being in time. All with the same  
>> basic
>> work flow as an EDP. Ability to set loop tempo with first phrase  
>> would be a
>> nice extra but not so important.
> Ah... now we're talking! RMX is awesome, but I would guess that any
> host slaving to MIDI Clock is not rhythmically stable enough for RMX
> (please note this is a guess - if you are interested you should really
> try it out to see if it works). RMX has always been stable for me when
> the host is the sync master.
> Slave syncing Loopers: I've been jamming with other musicians when we
> were all using EDP's and the only down side is that you may have to
> wait for the on-beat when laying down your first loop (I sometimes
> created a silent first loop, in the Brother Sync network, and then
> filled it up with my playing, just to avoid bumps). It's just that for
> the solo concerts I do it makes for a way better performance if never
> having to watch the scrreen or wait for a cue... just get up there and
> start playing, sort of. And I never use "drums" live if there is not a
> drummer (laptopper or skin basher) on stage to play with me ;-))
> (but I really love RMX for studio work!!!! Especially 1.7 for odd
> measures)
> About MIDI Clock: After all it is a subversive catch-up game. The sync
> slave never really realizes that it is too fast or too slow until it
> has already crossed the line and has to start adjusting to compensate
> for its mistake. And then it makes the same mistake from the other
> direction... and vice versa... for eternity. TAlk about a "miserable
> loop"! Good thing machines and software don't have feelings - they
> would instantly implode into depression  ;-)
> I use the host application for synced delays, reverb, synced tremolo
> or filter sweeps. For effect add-ons like those I the rubber band
> timing of a MIDI Clock sync is good enough. But for hard on-the-beat
> sequencing of loop mangling I go for scripting in Mobius. The reason
> is that this will then be done in a rock solid timing
> Per