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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

Per Boysen wrote:
> Slave syncing Loopers: I've been jamming with other musicians when we
> were all using EDP's and the only down side is that you may have to
> wait for the on-beat when laying down your first loop 

well, here's some good news.

You don't have to wait for the on-beat when recording with a synced EDP.
You just have to wait for the EDP to gain sync, then you can start
recording at any point.
Looperlative does the same trick afaik.
Surely Mobius too??

> About MIDI Clock: After all it is a subversive catch-up game. The sync
> slave never really realizes that it is too fast or too slow until it
> has already crossed the line and has to start adjusting to compensate
> for its mistake. And then it makes the same mistake from the other
> direction... and vice versa... for eternity. 

more (theoretical) good news.

If you're slaving a drum machine to midi clock, all it has to do
is count the incoming midi clocks and step through it's sequence.
Then it can trigger it's sounds.
No catch up, no guessing the tempo (don't even need to calculate it).
Don't know if Stylus RMX knows that, but it *is* possible.
(groove quantise, of course, would be compromised in that scenario)