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RE: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices. WAS: Early bird looperswith Live?

i had a dream one night of the perfect software looper that allowed me to do practically anything i wanted-
then i found out it wasnt a dream....
it existed.....  it was called mobius.... and it was FREE

i then sold 4 electrix repeaters, 1 LP1 and bought a laptop and RME interface..... booya for scripting


> From: stringfling@gmail.com
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Mobius, Stylus RMX, other choices. WAS: Early bird loopers with Live?
> Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 04:20:30 -0700
> > for hard on-the-beat sequencing of loop mangling I go for scripting
> in Mobius.
> Hm. Scripting in Mobius... sounds complicated but what isn't? I feel
> there's got to be a great solution in here for me (finally). The
> second I opened up Mobius (just now) and saw those familiar EDP
> functions I knew it was a missing piece of the puzzle..
> Between Mobius, Ableton Live 8, and Mainstage for software with a
> Rocktron Midi Mate foot pedal for starting and stopping RMX parts
> individually as well as the EDP-like Mobius functions, a GCP for Live
> clip/sceen functions (now that there's a Bome's midi translator for
> mac), the x-tempo POK for various things like arrows, copy/paste, and
> duplicate functions where it makes sense (so I don't have to bank up
> and down all the time)---I think I'll finally be able to really nail
> my system down:
> --- Stylus RMX (along with others, but RMX as the base) for drums with
> independent parts stopped and started via feet. (I think RMX is
> acceptable live if it's played like an instrument w/ the feet.)
> --- Trilogy (and logic sound modules if using Mainstage) via EWI or
> Midi Guitar for bass (or a real bass ) layered over the drums
> --- Then guitar, vocals, sax, or midi sounds from NI Kore, Motu's
> Symphonic or Ethno instruments (among others) layered over the bass
> and drums.
> --- And, Livid Union with the Ohm controller and x-tempo POK (and
> sometimes EWI and Midi Guitar) for live video trigger/manipulation.
> Missing components were getting Stylus RMX to be foot controlled,
> Bome's Midi Translator for mac and the x-tempo-POK to ease foot
> control set up, and Mobius/Live8 for true software looping
> functionality. All coming together now... it has to be.
> I think we're a few months away from a demo of some sort, people!...
> once I get everything playing well together.
> (I'm excited so I thought I'd share.) When I truly figure out the best
> set up and work flow (hardware, software, and musically speaking) I
> will pass it on in full detail.
> On Apr 6, 2009, at 3:27 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM, David Hayes <stringfling@gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> >> Thank you so much for your time. The main thing I was looking for
> >> was a way
> >> to Loop with Stylus RMX as the basic drum part, taking the drum
> >> parts in and
> >> out with my footswitch and always being in time. All with the same
> >> basic
> >> work flow as an EDP. Ability to set loop tempo with first phrase
> >> would be a
> >> nice extra but not so important.
> >
> > Ah... now we're talking! RMX is awesome, but I would guess that any
> > host slaving to MIDI Clock is not rhythmically stable enough for RMX
> > (please note this is a guess - if you are interested you should really
> > try it out to see if it works). RMX has always been stable for me when
> > the host is the sync master.
> >
> > Slave syncing Loopers: I've been jamming with other musicians when we
> > were all using EDP's and the only down side is that you may have to
> > wait for the on-beat when laying down your first loop (I sometimes
> > created a silent first loop, in the Brother Sync network, and then
> > filled it up with my playing, just to avoid bumps). It's just that for
> > the solo concerts I do it makes for a way better performance if never
> > having to watch the scrreen or wait for a cue... just get up there and
> > start playing, sort of. And I never use "drums" live if there is not a
> > drummer (laptopper or skin basher) on stage to play with me ;-))
> > (but I really love RMX for studio work!!!! Especially 1.7 for odd
> > measures)
> >
> > About MIDI Clock: After all it is a subversive catch-up game. The sync
> > slave never really realizes that it is too fast or too slow until it
> > has already crossed the line and has to start adjusting to compensate
> > for its mistake. And then it makes the same mistake from the other
> > direction... and vice versa... for eternity. TAlk about a "miserable
> > loop"! Good thing machines and software don't have feelings - they
> > would instantly implode into depression ;-)
> >
> > I use the host application for synced delays, reverb, synced tremolo
> > or filter sweeps. For effect add-ons like those I the rubber band
> > timing of a MIDI Clock sync is good enough. But for hard on-the-beat
> > sequencing of loop mangling I go for scripting in Mobius. The reason
> > is that this will then be done in a rock solid timing
> >
> > Per
> >

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