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RE: Early bird loopers with Live?

> You don't have to wait for the on-beat when recording with a synced EDP.
> You just have to wait for the EDP to gain sync, then you can start
> recording at any point.
> Looperlative does the same trick afaik.
> Surely Mobius too??

I think this is an area where I diverged without knowing it.  When
using the slave sync modes Mobius recording behaves similar to
quantization.  If you have SyncMode=HostBar for example, a 4/4
timesig, and you press record at beat 2, it will wait two beats before
starting the recording.  This seemed consistent to me since I almost
always have quantiziation on and I'm accustomed to pressing switches a
little ahead of the beat.  In other words, it's like the "first loop"
is in the drum machine and recording behaves like

If I understand correctly, the EDP does a sort of "round off" at the
end rather than quantizing the beginning.  You start recording
immediately and the ending is delayed to make the loop be an even
multiple of the beat/bar.  I can see this being nice if you want to
start with lead in notes that sustain over the loop start point.  If
that's correct wouldn't the loop technically be out of alignment with
the drum machine?  If you wanted to retrigger from the start you would
have to make another pass and set the loop start point to light up
with the drum machine's downbeat.

I like both, maybe someway they're will be another mode, because there
just aren't enough switches and knobs yet :-)

BTW, this seems like the same philosophical misunderstanding that
makes Mobius' unquantized remultiply suck out loud compared to the
EDP.  I really got unquantized rounding wrong....