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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

Jeff Larson wrote:
> [andy]
>> You don't have to wait for the on-beat when recording with a synced EDP.

> If I understand correctly, the EDP does a sort of "round off" at the
> end rather than quantizing the beginning.  You start recording
> immediately and the ending is delayed to make the loop be an even
> multiple of the beat/bar. 

yep, in EDP rounding is distinct from Quantize.
Actually Quantize was implemented later.

> I can see this being nice if you want to
> start with lead in notes that sustain over the loop start point.

The EDP was designed on the idea that a loop is cyclic, rather than
a sample with a definite start/end.
Quite likely the loop evolved into a rhythm, having started arhythmically, 
and the idea of a startpoint
is then lost.
So when a second EDP brother syncs to that it makes no sense to wait for 

>  If
> that's correct wouldn't the loop technically be out of alignment with
> the drum machine?

Well, I guess so.
but what's important is the alignment of the audio.

>  If you wanted to retrigger from the start you would
> have to make another pass and set the loop start point to light up
> with the drum machine's downbeat.

but that assumes that the start of the music is on that big black bar line.

> BTW, this seems like the same philosophical misunderstanding that
> makes Mobius' unquantized remultiply suck out loud compared to the
> EDP.  I really got unquantized rounding wrong....

Matthias' great invention, and us EDPers just use it without having to 

andy butler