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Re: Early bird loopers with Live?

This will be fixed someday.  Unfortunately I've become involved
in an online game that takes a lot of time :-)


Tell me about it... Im still hooked on WoW... I scrapped a high level alt Orc cos he was taking too much work, guild biz and all that.. now Im just making playing low level alts for fun...

But thanks for the explanation,mobius/edp comparison, it wasnt quite what I was asking, but my god what an interesting read...

then there was this

When you want to cut down the length of a loop with
Multiply you kick it twice. But if you kick with a too short time
between the two Multiply kicks the EDP thinks that you want to tell it
that you want to "multiply for a number of cycles"

>Aargh! Yes, that bugs me no end, too. 

>I've found the best way round it is to have a separate Sus-Unrounded-Multiply switch on my FCB, as well as a 'normal' multiply. 

But... 1. a Sus-Unrounded-Multiply doesnt do a normal mult??? It makes the tiny shory buzzing loops doesnt it? so how can it be a replacement for a multiply... and getting that Milti Increase thing accidentaly... Isnt that just to press UNDO, and its gone? I dunno...