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Re: Rang III reviews

Title: Re: Rang III reviews
I hope that you realize that this is only an issue on the first loop, any overdub will be seamless over the 'splice point'.
All loopers do this to some degree, otherwise you would have a nasty "click" or "pop" over the splice point.

"I would note however, the Boomerang does a ramp up and down of the volume of the loop where the end and beginning meet. "
You're kidding.  That alone may be enough for me to not buy this. 
I was so psyched!  Small footprint, ease of setup, I thought I could get away from the Echoplex which I think is a great tool but a wee bit overkill for live performances.
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I am swamped right now, but I will try to post some thoughts soon.  I owned a Gibson Echoplex, but sold it once I had the Boomerang III and realize it would suit MY NEEDS.
I would note that the Boomerang III produces less white noise than the Gibson, and I found that its input is less finky than the Gibson.
This makes seamless Ebow overdubs impossible.  There is a glitch/dropout.  I have spoken with the company, and it seems like they will make an effort to address this, but no promises.
-- Greg