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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - Sound Retainer

Charles Zwicky wrote:

> The delays used in an allpass filter are typically very  short, and 
> measured in samples rather than mS...

At least in Bidule the delay parameter for Allpass 
is measured in mS.
In freeverb the range is from 5 to 15mS.

As I understand it, it's intended to be a way of having a delay
with feedback, but arranged so that there's no comb effect on
sustained notes.

> I'm not sure that you meant to write "phase dispersion"... 

Just meant that different frequencies are delayed by different amounts.
(Allpass is also used in a phase fx.)

>Try to think 
> about the topolgy in a different way.   If the allpass network is 
> located after the loop, 

sorry, I took your description below to mean that there
was a "loop of allpass filters".

>> Charles said
>>> in fact most digital reverbs consist of  a loop of allpass filters*