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Re: Just tried the Boomerang.

At 7:24 AM 1/3/97, Trevor Bajus wrote:
>Well I just got a chance to try out the Boomerang loop pedal.
>It was very easy to use and had some cool feature on it, but the sound
>quality was a bit
>rough. The loops would be great for textureal stuff were definition is not
>that important,
>but playing leads on top of a simple rhythm figure just wasn't working for
>me.  The
>salesman said that by adjusting the trim would help, but I don't know if
>that could be all
>that much of a help.

The sound quality is due to the low sampling rate of the Boomerang. The
audio input is sampled at 16khz, meaning an effective bandwidth of 6-7khz
or less. That's ok for guitar for some people. If you are picky about
guitar sounds, you would probably notice this, especially with single
coils. Attacks and definition are where it would suffer. In half speed mode
the sample rate is 8khz, meaning a bandwidth probably under 3khz, which
would be useful for sound effects, but would probably be pretty lousy for
anything else. They have a lot of loop time in that thing, without any
features that take advantage of it well. I don't know why they didn't cut
the the loop time in half and double the sample rate. For $350, I would
expect better sound quality, and decent audio a/d converters are really
quite cheap. It would be a fun box at under $150, I think.


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