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Re: Boomerang: sample time vs. sample rate

>> Unless you are only interested in "clowdy" music, I think one loop with
>> lots of overdubs with good quality serves a lot more than two unsyced 
>> limited audio quality (I never tried a Rang, but I can imagine more or
>> less)
>..............I'm interested in both control and a certain divine random
>quality.  So, I've just ordered a plex to talk with my Rang and jamfella.
>This war has really whet my appetite to do a side-by-side...and I love
>making visa happy.  I just came onto the list and may have missed this
>particular facet, but...what's the plex's max loop time?  I find the
>jamaholic's 32 second limit much too, uh, limiting compared to the Rang.

Max loop time on the echoplex is 200 seconds. The memory used in the
echoplex is so cheap now that the full expansion costs between $80 and
$100. The simms used are available just about everywhere.

The memory in the plex can be used for more than just really, really long
loops. (sort of boring to me, really). You can divide it into multiple
loops, and the more memory you have, the more undo's you have available.

>> The feature that made me spend years of my life to build the machine 
>> FeedBack with good resolution up to exactly infinite repetition, 
>> Brother Sync and Undo. Maybe this is not the place to explain what they 
>> Those are the fundamental ones.
>......................................I was just talking to Mike Nelson
>of Boomerang and he told me, not secretly, that there are software (read:
>feature) updates due in the next few months and that current owners will
>be able to upgrade for a nominal charge.  Unfortunately, "undo" is still
>not in the works.  At the moment, that's one of the key features that
>lure me to the plex.  Question:  Can someone tell me a bit more about the
>interface controls with the plex, the switches or whatever?  If this info
>is already in the archive somewhere, just say so and I'll look there.  I
>didn't see such a real description at the Oberheim website.
>thanks...another kim.

The whole Echoplex manual is on the Looper's web site. Take a look at that,
and feel free to ask if you still have questions.....'


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