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Re: Anybody have any answers...

I have modest gear:
homemade Strat into a
volume pedal to-
a ProCo Rat R2DU (basically 2 Rats in a rack unit) to-
a Vortex to-
a Digitech 2 second delay stompbox to-
a JamMan
Usually, I run all this shit in front of my amp (a Carvin ProBass 300 and 
homemade 1x15 cabinet) but I've tried it with just the guitar to the 
volume pedal and then into the amp, with the other effects in the amp's 
effects loop. I haven't experienced freaky evil sounds doing this, I've 
had to alter the levels on the inputs of the Vortex & JamMan and on the 
outputs of the distortion.
I don't use the effects loop much because I usually just bring my rack o' 
toys to gigs and depend on the PA for all my amplification, but I don't 
why there should be evil noise from putting the Jamster in the effects 
loop of an amp. Just be sure you're using the correct input & output on 
the Jammer. 
Just my $.02, hope it helps.
Jeff Schwartz