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Re: Anybody have any answers...

nyfac wrote:
> I posted this a while ago, and nobody has imparted any sage advice in my
> general direction.
> Just in case this didn't get sent, here it is again...
> "For the first time last night, I ran my JamMan through the effects loop
> of my amp rather than feeding it from the pre-amp out and plugging the
> output of the JamMan into another amp or PA and strange things
> happened...
> I would hit an exceptionally loud note (in echo mode) which would cause
> the input light to flicker red.  Instead of getting the usual obnoxious
> digital clip, the unit started this weird subatomic clicking sound.  I
> was however dismayed to find that while the clicking could be sped up
> with the triplet/quarter note echo setting, I could not record onto it,
> or get my straight signal through the JM (because I am not one to waste
> an obnoxious sound when I find one).  Anyone have this happen to them?"
> At first I thought this might be RF (or something) interference from the
> poorly shielded cables I was using (hey, they were handy) so I switched
> them and I still got the weird artifacts.
> I don't know if I said this clearly enough, but I got this runnaway, and
> then the whole unit, for all intents and purposes shut down (aside from
> the triplet/quarter note thing).
> Does anyone run a JamLady thru their effects loop on an amp, straight
> up, no chaser?  Is their any good reason why no-one does?
> I wonder if anyone here has tried to do that here since it seems most
> use their loopers in conjunction with fifteen fx processors, 2 two
> mackie 8bus consoles, a cuisinart...
> Thanks,
> Low-Tech Trev


don't do that