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Re: Indo-Funk Music at Open Secret

On Saturday, April 26th, Teed Rockwell (Chapman Stick) and Habib Khan 
vocals), will collaborate with Sam Sheats, Electric Bass, and Brad Van 
tabla to create a dynamic and delightful musical experience. There will 
also be
a special performance of Rockwell's original world music (accompanied by 
and Traps drummer Peter Gascoyne of Psychotic Melodic), and a Raga 
performed by
Khan and Van Cleave on Sitar and Tablas.

         Rockwell began studying this year with Habib Khan, after ten 
years at
the Ali Akbar College of Music, and the two discovered they had a chemistry
together that made a performance inevitable. Fans of the Ali Khan Band and 
Jai Uttal will surely enjoy the Indo-Rock Dance Music they have created
especially for this concert.  

        Rockwell is the only person in the world to play Classical Indian 
on the Chapman Stick, an electric string instrument played by tapping with 
hands on a wooden fretboard. He has played with his group "Geist" in the
Festival of Harps (sm) ) at Great American Music Hall, the Yerba Buena 
and Grace Cathedral , and is featured on CDs distributed internationally by
Warner Bros. and Polygram. Habib Khan's family has played Sitar for many
generations, often for the noble families of India, and have contributed 
techniques to the evolution of the instrument. Since coming to America, 
Khan has
displayed a rare gift for tuning his tradition to American ears without
compromising its beauty and depth. In this special collaboration with 
their different but strangely similar instruments (and Khan's haunting 
dance triumphantly over Sheats' and Van Cleave's Indo-Funk  Rhythm 
Section. Open
Secret Book Music and World Art Gallery 923 C street San Rafael. 7:30 p.m. 
Info call 510/548 8779