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Re: Bill Frisell looping device

Leonardo Cavallo wrote regarding Echoplus:

>>From what I've heard at the Frisell concert, he could vary the speed and 
>pitch of his loops. He sapled a guitar phrase and then, tweaking the unit
>knobs, he could alter the nature of the loop. After the process you could
>not say that it was a guitar lick... really impressing. Hayden, do you 
>if it's possible with the pedal alone or he was using some other device 
>I missed?
>I know that Frisell used a Jamman and some other delay unit, too. One of
>these was Boss DD1 (digital delay). Any looping capabilities?

I have heard recordings of Frisell doing this.  I am pretty sure that he is
just turning the delay time knob on the echoplus while an echo or a loop is
going.  This would speed up the echo and transpose the pitch at the same