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I've Hoping maybe someone on the list can help me.
I'm looking for a couple of pieces of gear and not having much luck finding
them in LA. I need a Roland A/B switch for the 24 pin cable on the GR300 &
GR700 guitar synths. I believe the model is US-2. I'm also looking for a
couple of Steinberger guitars. The first is a GL2T equiped with the
electronics for the GR300 & GR700 guitar synths. It's the 2 humbucker w/
transtrem. The second is the strat style GM model with binding on the body
and a transtrem. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Andre-there is another venue in LA that might be of interest. It's called
"Lumpy Gravy" on Beverly and it's kind of a Zappa tribute club run by one
of the people responsible for Duckman. They have live events every night.
Havn't been there myself but I've been told it's very cool!
Thanks all -

("huh, whu?" - Walter Cronkite in response to Stuttering John)