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Kit Watkins

Matthias writes:
>I also loved Hammer and Patrick Moraz a lot, but the best MiniMoog players
>for me is Kit Watkins of "Happy the Man".

Alright! Someone else who got it!!! As a guitarist, there are lots of 
players I can point to as being big influences, but the number one 
influence on
my lead playing was actually Kit. His mini moog sound on "Crafty Hands" is 
greatest! Just stunning the way he was able to wrap all that emotion and 
into his playing, and when he added the echoplex to it, it had everything 
I was
looking for. 

Kit's new work is quite excelllent as well, though very different from the 
The Man stuff: very ambient. And he's using tons of loopage, though often 
a sequencer as a looper. And, he's an exceptional person as well. Thanks 
bringing him up, Matthias, it's nice to think of him this morning.

Jon Durant