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Re: Kit Watkins

>Matthias writes:
>>I also loved Hammer and Patrick Moraz a lot, but the best MiniMoog player
>>for me is Kit Watkins of "Happy the Man".

Jon Durant reacted firmly:
>... Just stunning the way he was able to wrap all that emotion and beauty
>into his playing, and when he added the echoplex to it, it had everything 
>I was
>looking for.

the tape one? I was not aware...

>Kit's new work is quite excelllent as well, though very different from the
>The Man stuff: very ambient. And he's using tons of loopage, though often 
>a sequencer as a looper. And, he's an exceptional person as well.

Wow, I was not aware he got into this, too! Give us some directions.
I would really love to listen to this!