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Re: I Saw Three Chips Come Sailing In...

Hi Tom:

The LoOpDoctOrs saw your post and now wonder if this means that our long 
fifty bucks that we sent to Oberhiem several months ago for the software
upgrade might indeed be redeemed by the chips in the said Gibson manger?

In otherwords, will you send the software upgrade chips soon?

On another less pleasing note.  Our beloved Echoplex started to go south at
the last gig.  We are perplexed.  It has developed a nasty distortion...all
functions work fine, but there is now a tonal yowl where it should be 
We are going to change the input resistors, which we modded according to 
article on Looper's delight and which had helped enormously with clipping
problems.  We did add memory a couple of months ago.  But except for the 
resistor change as advised by Loopers Delight, our 'plex is stock.

Any words of wisdom as to why a 'Plex will start to distort?  and if we 
fix it ourselves, what do you suggest at this point as far as sending it in
for repair?

the LoOpDoctOrs