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Re: I Saw Three Chips Come Sailing In...

LoOpDoctOrs looking for a loop doctor:

>It has developed a nasty distortion...all
>functions work fine, but there is now a tonal yowl where it should be 
>We are going to change the input resistors, which we modded according to 
>article on Looper's delight and which had helped enormously with clipping
>problems.  We did add memory a couple of months ago.  But except for the 
>resistor change as advised by Loopers Delight, our 'plex is stock.
>Any words of wisdom as to why a 'Plex will start to distort?  and if we 
>fix it ourselves, what do you suggest at this point as far as sending it 
>for repair?

Why dont you describe the kind of pain a bit, like:
Only the loop is distorted or even the direct signal?
Does it depend on volumes?
Does it rather sound like a bad speaker or like a guitar distortion?
Does it go away when the loop reduces by feedback?
Does it change according to temperature?

But I do not see why we would discuss that on the list...