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Re: I Saw Three Chips Come Sailing In...

Dear Doctors-

The LoOpDoctOrs saw your post and now wonder if this means that our long lost
>fifty bucks that we sent to Oberhiem several months ago for the software
>upgrade might indeed be redeemed by the chips in the said Gibson manger?

Long deposited, perhaps, but long lost - never!!

>In otherwords, will you send the software upgrade chips soon?

Yes, yes, very, very soon Precious. We swears it! I expect we will begin to honor all requests within the next 10 days, provided that all payments of gold, frankincense and myrrh clear the moneylenders.

>On another less pleasing note. Our beloved Echoplex started to go south at
>the last gig.

Perhaps it is headed towards Nashville! We could use some! ;)

We are perplexed. It has developed a nasty distortion...all
>functions work fine, but there is now a tonal yowl where it should be clean.

Tonal Yowl...wasn't she on Baywatch?

>Any words of wisdom as to why a 'Plex will start to distort? and if we can't
>fix it ourselves, what do you suggest at this point as far as sending it in
>for repair?

Kim may be able to help with a fix-it-yourself trick, but if it requires a room at the inn, our stable staff (yuk, yuk) is prepared to fix-or-replace it posthaste.
Ship it To:

1818 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
Attn: Richard Akers, Service D