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kim said:

>You might want to try the Rocktron All Access pedal. It looks to me like 
>most powerful and rugged pedal out there, although the price is quite a 
>higher. ($500?)  The people I know who don't pay much attention to the 
>tag all seem to use the Rocktron. I'm not sure if it does what you're
>looking for though.

kim, I checked into the All Access and the list price on that sucker is
$999, so I'm guessing the street price is $600 (ouch!) or more. Does anyone
know for sure? Also on Rocktron's Web site there is a manual for the All
Access available to download in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) so if anyone
more knowledgeable than myself wants to check it out and report back as to
whether this thing has all the capabilities needed, I know I'd appreciate

I'd love to check out a PMC-10, but I think the problem there is finding
one, and then if you do, crossing your fingers and hoping you don't get one
with the memory crashing problem or a faulty hand held programmer. I've
done some Web searching for this unit but I've had no luck so far. This
will probably take time, patience, persistance and luck to find one of

ric hordinski mentioned the rfc-1 midigator. How does this unit stack up
feature wise to these other units?

There is also a Yamaha Midi unit, that seemed at the time I checked on it,
to have a lot of features but I don't remember the model #. I do remember
downloading some info about it from Yamaha's Web site. I also remember I
hated the display which consisted of Patch/preset numbers and that was all,
no patch naming.

Finally, one other MIDI controller which I am aware of, is the PC-1600x
from Peavey. Now I've never been a big Peavey fan, but this seems to be an
incredibly deep controller, however as a guitarist this unit won't work for
me because it is a desk/table
top controller. It has 16 buttons along the bottom with a slider/fader over
each of the buttons. The buttons can be configured to work various ways
(toggle or momentary, etc) and the sliders can be assigned to send various
MIDI info as well. There is info about this device readily available at the
Peavey web site if someone wants to check it out. I don't know the price of
the PC-1600x but a friend of mine got one at a music store blowout for 

Anyway it's sad that the one of the most feature laden as well as possibly
most affordable but maybe not as roadworthy units (PMC-10) is no longer
being made. I'd like to compare all of these units and see what shakes out
as far as features, price, and availability. Maybe the market is ripe for
someone to come out with a top notch affordable MIDI controller or maybe
the market is so small, that's why the PMC-10 and the rfc-1 midigator are
no longer around and the All Access costs so much?