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Re: Looper Wishlist

At 1:34 PM -0400 4/9/98, Mark Kata wrote:
>I bet everyone on this list has wished that some piece of equipment could 
>more that it was designed to do.  Since looping devices are so rare, 
>the next manufacturer to develop one could incorporate the suggestions 
>we come up with.

ya never know who's listening....

>Here's my suggestion:
>In addition to wanting more delay time, I'd like to see a "mutate" knob on
>future looping devices.
>This knob would control the randomness of a loop.  For example, it could
>cause the loop to randomly expand and contract it length, change its tone
>color or even cut and paste various portions of the loop into a random
>order.  Of course, there would be a "reset" button that allows you to
>eliminate all mutations made and return to your original loop.
>Lex, Obie and B'rang, can this be done?

Well, probably, but would you really want a machine (or really, the
machine's designer) to control all these things for you? It couldn't be
truly random, only random within some predefined boundaries, which might
not be what you want in a given situation. You might not like it at all,
since it would be to the designer's taste, and you would be stuck with that
for this "randomness knob". So you would likely want some way to set all
the different parameters making up those boundaries. That might be a little
more interesting, but more complicated, and maybe not very useful most of
the time.

You could probably do this now with Max. Apply random number generators to
various controller objects, and send it out to whatever loopers and effects
you have. You could make it as complicated or as simple as you like, and it
would be customized for your needs. I've done that for debugging
echoplex/Loop software, and occasionally something interesting happened.
Usually those were bugs, of course....

and if you're thinking about stuff like this and you don't have Max, well,
for shame....


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