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Hello out there

Hi all-
I've just joined the list and wanted to introduce myself, although a number
of people on this list know me already from my anti-MIDI postings on the
digital guitar list :).  

I've been looping guitars and synthesizer for almost twenty years, first in
college in St. Paul, Minnesota with of all people Bob Mould and tape 
one of which was a loop that surrounded the performers on stage.  Then it
was Deltalab Effectron and homebrew analog synth and guitar.  

I've done some stuff with the 56000 DSP but am starting to work with
programmable logic such as the Philips cPLD device to build a looping 
that allows me to modify the looped signal once it's been recorded- more on
this once it starts to become real.  

I've built and use among other things a fretless hexaphonic guitar, which
once was run through an Ensoniq DP-4 with each string on a different delay,
so playing a single chord would result in a very complicated arpeggio 
My latest love is Theremin, using the PAiA Theremax kit.  

It's nice to see a list where there's so much discussion about what people
do musically with the equipment rather than what equipment's being used.  
anyone asks what kind of music I do it's best described as Experimental
Ethno-Ambient Space Music.  


Steven Curtin