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Re: Hello out there

Hi Steven --

Did you attend Macalester College?  I studied there for two years before
transferring to CalArts.  Your references to Bob Mould, a DeltaLab
Effectron, and long tape delays sounds like a dead ringer for Mac.  

I don't know when you went there, but we might have some instructors in
common (Ed Forner, Jan Gilbert, Carleton Macy, Sowah Mensah, or Tom
Cravens ring a bell?)  I took the Electronic Music class which Ed
taught, which revolved around the music building's upstairs studio,
which is probably most famous for being the place where Steve Tibbetts
recorded his first album.  At the time I was there, the lab had a great
old MiniMoog, which was far and away the most popular instrument, with
the sampler being right below it.

Wow, down memory lane!  Anyway, I'd be curious to know how much common
history we might have.


--Andre LaFosse