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Re: Hello out there

hello steven, very nice to meet you

Steven Curtin wrote:

> Hi all-
> I've just joined the list and wanted to introduce myself, although a 
> of people on this list know me already from my anti-MIDI postings on the
> digital guitar list :).
> I've been looping guitars and synthesizer for almost twenty years, first 
> college in St. Paul, Minnesota with of all people Bob Mould and tape 
> one of which was a loop that surrounded the performers on stage.  Then it
> was Deltalab Effectron and homebrew analog synth and guitar.
> I've done some stuff with the 56000 DSP but am starting to work with
> programmable logic such as the Philips cPLD device to build a looping 
> that allows me to modify the looped signal once it's been recorded- more 
> this once it starts to become real.
> I've built and use among other things a fretless hexaphonic guitar, which
> once was run through an Ensoniq DP-4 with each string on a different 
> so playing a single chord would result in a very complicated arpeggio 
> My latest love is Theremin, using the PAiA Theremax kit.
> It's nice to see a list where there's so much discussion about what 
> do musically with the equipment rather than what equipment's being 
>used.  If
> anyone asks what kind of music I do it's best described as Experimental
> Ethno-Ambient Space Music.
> regards,
> Steven Curtin
> http://www.emf.org/people_curtin.html