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RE: Boomerang/EDP different layout

> >Still, though it seems unlikely, I have to ask...
> >
> >Kim, what do you think of a 100% floor based EDP?
> >What would it be like? Would anything have to be sacrificed to fit it in
> a
> >Boomerang-sized case?
> >
> >-eric
> Yeah, I'd buy one.
> Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org 
        For my money (as an EH16 user), I 'd like to see something along 
lines of an EDP that is a table top device. The size  of an EH16 or a
smaller drum machine (even a little larger) would be optimal . . . with a
foot controller that rests on the floor. I'd prefer knobs for some of the
parameters (I'm a caveman . . . okay?). I know that it doesn't work on the
EDP, but I'd love to have a manual control for manipulation of a loop's 
. . .

        My question (not having seen an EDP for some time) is how much of 
EDP's rack size is taken up by the ears? In other words, how much of that 
inches is "dead space"? Also, assuming that Gibson/Oberheim would want to
deal with more R&D (and why would they?), how hard would it be to
re-engineer the EDP to have the LEDs on the top along with some manual