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Re: R: Sushi ...what about italian food?

hawkeye, kim, et al:
<<original msgs eaten by aol>>
along these same (revivifying) lines:
i've been loading loops/audiobits into software called 'Reaktor' (though 
i've yet to do this 'live'..... waiting for NativeInstruments to implement 
audio-*input* on the Mac version).
of late, i've most often been using a seqencer+LFO-driven 'granulator', 
wherein grain triggering/length/samplestart/smoothing/pitch/release/etc. 
are locked to the clock of a kinda old-schooly-step-sequencer-thang (whose 
clock can, of course, be slaved to an external.....)
the original 'ensemble'(NI's lingo for 'preset', or 
macros'n'objects-what-been-strung-together) -freeware- was writ by one uwe 
hoenig, though i've modified my one a tad.
Native Instruments:
really good fun!