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NewsFlash.....Guitar synth=Guitar Synth and Guitar=Guitar

At 09:23 AM 02/14/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Gotta agree with Kim here, given that the ideal MIDI guitar control
>would be one that feels and behaves like a guitar, but give MIDI output.

uhh..if one wants something that in ALL ways acts like a guitar.....

Hey--Why not reach for a Guitar?? sounds ez to me

After all, keyboard players don't have to relearn how to play the
>instrument just to play synths, 

yes-- but they have to plug them into electrical outlets--and they can't
reach in and put cool stuff in the strings like Cage....

so--should a piano player weep and moan and never use a keyboard controlled

and --- i or anyone else open wanting to use guitar synth doesnt have to
'relearn' guitar  either..

I guess abercrombie, dimeola, mclaughlin and metheny are either hacks or
have low standards. All use gtr/synth regularly-and seem to treat them
as...guitar synth..not guitars

sheesh.why all this cognitive dissonance??
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