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Re: [OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

>Consult the Tuning list man! I know there's a 
>a  page about resolution and synths somewhere,
>but you have to be more exact about what you
>want to do...

Thanks for directing me to the Tuning list.  I will post my questions 

Let me try to articulate what i want to do here... I am a former Stick
owner (sold all my musical instruments in CA before the big move to FL) who
wants to get a Ztar and use that to control synths/samplers.  Maybe I'll
get a Stick again too, but right now I'm more interested in synthesis.
While I'm at it, I want to explore the harmonic possibilities of JI.

If I just wanted to stay at home and never play out, a software synth would
be perfect for me.   However, I do want to play out (and I really do mean
PLAY as in play "realtime", not run some non-interactive program or play a
tape). and I have new friends who are encouraging me to work towards that
goal.  There is no way I'm going to lug my PC, 17-inch monitor, keyboard,
etc. to bars and coffee shops to play music.  

I was hoping somebody would tell me that samplers exist that would allow me
to set up tunings with scale resolutions small enough to handle JI.  Then I
could just get that sampler instead of getting another computer.  

Well, my disappointment in the fact that all responses to this thread
indicate the need for computer to be included in my hypothetical live rig
and no way around it has been allayed somewhat by my finding out that new
Apple I-books are actually not that expensive.

>a fretless guitar or a midi guitar & synth or a refretted
>guitar or Csound seems to be your best option. I want 
>a fretless guitar next.

I appreciate the time you've taken to respond to my inquiries.  However,
Csound is not realtime and I am not really a guitar player.  I am more of a
tapping type of player (piano, Stick, Ztar, etc.).  Also, I am interested
in exploring _harmony_ in JI, not so much melody.  Fretless guitar is not
the optimal solution here (it took Adrian Belew two years of practice to
play chords in tune - so he says).