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Re: [OT] Interest in JI software/hardware

pvallad1@tampabay.rr.com wrote:

> Let me try to articulate what i want to do here... I am a former Stick
> owner (sold all my musical instruments in CA before the big move to FL) 

Sounds insane! One could always fret a stick in ji.

> If I just wanted to stay at home and never play out, a software synth 
> be perfect for me.   However, I do want to play out (and I really do mean
> PLAY as in play "realtime", not run some non-interactive program or play 
> tape). and I have new friends who are encouraging me to work towards that
> goal.  There is no way I'm going to lug my PC, 17-inch monitor, keyboard,
> etc. to bars and coffee shops to play music.

Last Saturday I heard a friend play an entire show on a laptop.
I think he uses MAX. But he's not into tunings.

> I was hoping somebody would tell me that samplers exist that would allow 
> to set up tunings with scale resolutions small enough to handle JI.  
>Then I
> could just get that sampler instead of getting another computer.

One could always sample tuned instruments. It IS a sampler.

> Well, my disappointment in the fact that all responses to this thread
> indicate the need for computer to be included in my hypothetical live rig

No you don't. It's just a possibility.

> >a fretless guitar or a midi guitar & synth or a refretted
> >guitar or Csound seems to be your best option. I want
> >a fretless guitar next.
> I appreciate the time you've taken to respond to my inquiries.  However,
> Csound is not realtime and I am not really a guitar player.  I am more 
>of a
> tapping type of player (piano, Stick, Ztar, etc.).  Also, I am interested
> in exploring _harmony_ in JI, not so much melody.  Fretless guitar is not
> the optimal solution here (it took Adrian Belew two years of practice to
> play chords in tune - so he says).

It's all in the ear. So it took Belew 2 years to tune up
his hearing. Big deal. You act like becoming a better musican
is an undesirable thing! Maybe your approach could be a bit less

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