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MPX G2 to Echoplex and back. level problems...

hey y'all.  seeing as how there are a thousand EDP users and some G2
users as well, i as for some support.

i'm sending out from the insert of the g2  to the edp, then to a jamman
and then back again.  i have the input of the oberheim only at 9:00  or
so.  and still only distorted signal.  i have virtually no headroom.  it
would seem simple, wouldn't it?  "your signal is too hot!"  but it seems
as though if i lower the send level, i just get no effect.  can't seem
to get a middle ground.  sorry if i'm being ignorant, but i really need
a hand...  at one point i remember someone else asking a question of kim
re: input levels too hot...


todd reynolds