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Sequencer question

I think I need a MIDI sequencer:  I think that's what they call them.  
What I
need is a machine to feed MIDI signals to these things concurrently:  a 
sampler, two EDPs, a MIDI channel switcher, and two MIDI-controlled effects
units (a Roland VG8 and I'm researching the second one).  It would have to 
able to store enough data to send an entire rhythm score to the drum 
the looping, channel, and effects signals would be relatively minor.

Is that what a sequencer does?  If not, what do I need?  And what's the 
range?  I suppose I could do it with my laptop computer and some of the
software I have but that seems a little too precarious for live 
what with people throwing beer cans and other liquid-bearing objects at me
trying to get me and all my loser equipment off the stage.

However, it'd be real nice to be able to program all the changes on my 
computer, then download that data to the sequencer.

Thanks in advance,