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Re: Sequencer question

Timothy wrote:
> I think I need a MIDI sequencer:  I think that's what they call them.  
>What I
> need is a machine to feed MIDI signals to these things concurrently:  a 
> sampler, two EDPs, a MIDI channel switcher, and two MIDI-controlled 
> units (a Roland VG8 and I'm researching the second one).  It would have 
>to be
> able to store enough data to send an entire rhythm score to the drum 
> the looping, channel, and effects signals would be relatively minor.
> Is that what a sequencer does?  If not, what do I need?  And what's the 
> range?  I suppose I could do it with my laptop computer and some of the
> software I have but that seems a little too precarious for live 
> what with people throwing beer cans and other liquid-bearing objects at 
> trying to get me and all my loser equipment off the stage.
> However, it'd be real nice to be able to program all the changes on my 
> computer, then download that data to the sequencer.
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim


I'm using the yamaha rm1x with a lot of joy .this is a pattern based seq
with maximum live tweakability (pattern switch, track mutes ) so its
very well suited for our cyclic needs

Sorry I have no time to make you a review but here is a link
to all the rm1x stuff on the net


Come back after that and be my guest for some questions