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Re: Sequencer question

> I suppose I could do it with my laptop computer and some of the
> software I have but that seems a little too precarious for live 
> what with people throwing beer cans and other liquid-bearing objects at 
> trying to get me and all my loser equipment off the stage.

Ah, so you're a performing musician ;)

What sort of laptop do you have?
Do you know how to connect a MIDI patchbay to it?
A sequencer will certainly do what you want, send all the sys ex messages
and do your drum parts etc.You'll probably even be able to get a free one
off the net, I think some versions of Cakewalk are free (PC).Just do a
search for them.Whatever you do, you'll probably end up using the same
machine to write the sequence and play it, that way you'll know it works,
and you get to fine tune your MIDI rig (i.e. find out what happens when it
all blows up in your face).

Good luck.