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Re: Non-loop content: ENO and U2

ok, larry this is my last post on this one ... 
i'm not a musicologist.
if musicology is your field, then more power to you.
besides, my "research" time is devoted to actually making music.

i'm provoking you mr. tremblay: do you actually make music?
you're full of opinions but i never read any posts from you concerning
the actual creation of music. maybe they're on the way ... :-)

situation for anybody: you're at a friends place and he puts on a new
cd. can you sit and listen to it without asking to see the liner notes?
or do you read the liner notes while the music is playing? do you need
to know that the bass player used to play with so-and-so and that the
producer brought out three country albums in the 60's?

sorry fellow listers for having lost my composure and engaging this
know-it-all. i really should NOT have known better myself!

anyway, this is not a list for bad philosophy.