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Echoplex goes bananas, or vice versa

a website visitor informs me that the music store Bananas at Large in San
Rafael, CA currently has echoplexes in stock, for those looking for one.
Bananas is a nice store, they supported this crazy looping stuff from the
beginning and stocked OB echoplexes when nobody else would. here's some

>From: "Terry Tungjunyatham"
>To: kflint@annihilist.com
>Subject: Echoplex is now on sale!!!
>Hi Kim,
>I just recieved a call from Rik Elswit from the music store called 
>at Large" that they have GIBSON Echoplex (which is exactly identical to 
>Oberheim Echoplex)in stock and ready for shipment.  I have not buy it yet
>but I will soon.  The price I'm not sure but it could be shipped with the
>memory expansion board.
>Rik's e-mail is rik@bananas.com  and his phone number is 415-457-7600.
>Their website is www.bananas.com
>Kim if you have time please spread the words on your website.  I'll bet 
>there will be lots and lots of happy loopers out there that would be
>delighted to hear it.
>I'll keep you posted for further info.
>terry t.

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