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Re: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

>Hello Matthias,
>I, for one, would really love the ability to sync my vortex to my EDP - I
>hope you do include the change in the software.

go ahead and then tell us...

>If it's not possible I'd love to make the cable that would do it - though
>I'm not at all experienced with electronics (at least the part that  goes 
>inside these wonderful boxes).

you will find someone, its really a simple thing.

>Just to be clear - by the way - are you saying that if you make this 
>cable (or the software gets modified) then you can connect a cable from 
>beatsync out of the EDP to the tap tempo jack of the Vortex and the vortex
>will read it as if it's being tapped once at every cycle start (thus
>constantly updating it's tempo)?

exactly. I did it here, it works.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org