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Re: Repeater Delay

really, how many companies making cool products havn't been able to make
it in the market, the repeater looks like a good product and to those of
us interested well, we're VERY interested, electrix isn't the first co
to misjudge a release date, start advertising WAY too early and not be
completly upfront about whats going on.
I'm watching it as a potential customer and welcome the disclosure of a
well thought out timeframe, I hope thats what it really is
and if I where at electrix I wouldn't sweat the strong reactions too
much, I think most of us appreciate the attempt to keep us informed,
please continue to do so
and bud, climb out form under that desk, have a drink or a smoke, do
some yoga, tell oprah your poblems honey, its never worth getting all
twisted up
do you have any idea how many times I've promised my wife something
would be done by a certain date and then had to revise my projections?
try remodeling your own house and studio you'll find out what real
pressure is!

peace,  steve