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OT: MPC2K / midi bank changes

Hey folks - 

sorry for the off topic, but this group is so smart (suck up, suck up) 
that I 
think I can get my question answered by someone with a minimum of fuss. 

If there is anyone who is familiar with a) Akai's MPC 2000 and/or b) 
midi bank changes to a synth module....

I have an MPC, and an EMU Orbit synth module. I finally figured out how to 
assign program changes to the MPC tracks, but I am being stymied by the 
in sending bank changes messages, so that Track 1 looks for bank 0, 
55 on the Orbit, Track 2 looks for bank 3, program 122 on the Orbit, etc. 

If anyone can help me out, I would be extremely grateful. As a sidebar, 
anyone familiar with Adobe Premiere or AfterEffects that could answer a 
question on panning around an image would be super helpful too. 

Thanks a ton. 
- Crossedout@aol.com