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Re: Elektros Againinator

    Comments like this make all of our hard work seem worthwhile.

Thanks for the sunshine,

on 3/20/01 11:04 AM, Mark Sottilaro at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> Hello loop fans,
> My name is Charley LaRue and I represent a company called Elektros and 
> proud to announce our new product, The Againinator.  This new loop tool 
> not have any audio features to speak of, but instead will feature 
> release delays, making it the ultimate delayed device not available on 
> market today.  Please respond to me with a feature list you'd like to be
> denied of.  We don't have a prototype yet to speak of, but it will be 
> sometime between tomorrow and the end of your useful life.  If you'd 
>like to
> get an idea of what it's going to look like, please hit yourself in the 
> with a large office machine instead.  The Againinator will list for 
> and through group buys you will actually be able to make money from 
> it, much unlike most of your gigs.  For those of you that are not 
> we also might offer a product based on chickens with built in wheels 
>that can
> be controlled via the internet.
> yours truly,
> Charley LaRue
> Elektros Inc.

Jamie Drouin
Visual Designer for Electrix
(a division of IVL Technologies Ltd)
6710 Bertram Place, Victoria, BC, V8M 1Z6 Canada

email... jamie@electrixpro.com  fax... 250-544-4102  voice... 250-544-4114