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Re: Repeater

Wow, I sense some arrogance on this list.  I asked one simple question  
about a brand new LOOPING product that isn't even out on the market yet 
and was reprimanded off-list and now a cocky response on-list.  Miko, 
what's the point in telling me to check out the archives when two people 
were already kind enough to post the link?  Or do you only read the 
archives and disregard the current posts?  It's not like I was asking for 
pirated software.  And I wasn't trying to sell Acid Pro for $99.  I just 
wanted to know what the Repeater is.  I'm fairly new to the list but have 
been looping for about 10 years, mostly with reel-to-reel and old Digitech 
pedals.  I suppose that's not cool though.  On this list you're only cool 
if you have a Jamman, a Boomerang, and/or Acid Pro.  

Thanks to those of you who were nice and sent me the link to the Repeater. 

Time to unsubscribe though.    


>>> Mbiffle@svg.com 05/08/01 10:35AM >>>
I'd tell you, but I don't want to 'repeat' myself... 8-) Maybe check the 


>>> tgeerdi@wpo.it.luc.edu 05/07/01 06:00PM >>>
Who makes the repeater?
Is there a website that tells about them?