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Re: Repeater

Ted Geerdink wrote:
> Wow, I sense some arrogance on this list.  I asked one simple question  
>about a brand new LOOPING product that isn't even out on the market yet 
>and was reprimanded off-list and now a cocky response on-list.  Miko, 
>what's the point in telling me to check out the archives when two people 
>were already kind enough to post the link?  Or do you only read the 
>archives and disregard the current posts?  It's not like I was asking for 
>pirated software.  And I wasn't trying to sell Acid Pro for $99.  I just 
>wanted to know what the Repeater is.  I'm fairly new to the list but have 
>been looping for about 10 years, mostly with reel-to-reel and old 
>Digitech pedals.  I suppose that's not cool though.  On this list you're 
>only cool if you have a Jamman, a Boomerang, and/or Acid Pro.
> Thanks to those of you who were nice and sent me the link to the 
> Time to unsubscribe though.
> Ted


if you can't stand Miko's arrogance ask about Orville on the list and

bye bye


to unsubcribe

1-click next line link

2-delete your signature, etc...  make your message blank 

3-turn off all HTML in your favorite mail application

4-double click (highlight) the sacred word on next line then 
copy (contr+C )
SACRED WORD-->       unsubscribe     <--SACRED WORD

5-place cursor in Subject of the message
Paste (contr+V)

6-place cursor in Body of the message
Paste (contr+V)

7-click send