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Re: Electrix products at Musician's Friend

Well, I just got off the phone with them, and the impression I got was that
if you placed your order during the time when the backorder date was
6-10-01, then you were going to get what you ordered, and if you ordered
after the date changed, you probably have to wait because the 6-10 batch 
sold out. Please though, if you've ordered with Musician's Friend, call and
check it out and let us know what they said to you. I've gotten entirely
different answers from different customer service calls before to just 
any place, so to be scientific about this I think it's important that as
many of us say what we heard as possible. The news does sound good for 
of us who ordered before the backorder date changed, and I wish the best of
luck to us all in any case.

also, for those curious, this is what the site says now:

eq killer      delayed until 6-10
filter factory delayed until 7-15
mo-fx          delayed until 8-15
warp factory   delayed until 7-15

Jon, who is very anxious to know whether he's missed his only shot at
getting these magic boxes or not

> Since the availability date of the Warp Factory I have on order at
Musician's Friend changed from 6-10 to 7-15, should I take alternate
measures to obtain a Warp Factory at blowout (or near blowout) prices, or
should I sit tight and wait for the order to come through?  I'm in no 
I just want to take advantage of any breaks I can.
> Is Musician's Friend in fact going to receive more stock, or is this just
another Alesis airSynth blow-smoke-up-the-buyer's-butt ploy on their part?
> Electrix folks, this one's for you...