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Re: What the heck is Behringer doing?

i'm gonna chime in here right on the middle of the fence (and take a 
break from my newly appointed job as list moderator....right....with 
you crazy folks?).

IMO, i don't really see a way out of this ethical fistfight without 
some really 'new' thought process being brought into the mix.

the fusing of new paradigms ('digital duplication', 'generic', 
'global economy', etc...) is a such a powerful combination these 
days.  however admirable the opinions are on each side of the fence, 
IMO, they don't provide a satisfactory answer.

should i feel guilty for my new Behringer mixer?  for which part? 
for how they stole the design from Mackie?  or for the Chinese labor? 
Would i have been better to buy the Mackie, for ethical reasons? 
whew...i don't know how many people do research on ethical 
electronics production.

when i turn to my Black Panel #2 setting on my POD (based off a Black 
Face Fender Twin Reverb), should i feel some tug in my heart 
regarding Leo Fender?  Pre-CBS, or post?  But is Line6 more ethical 
than Behringer...who just 'stole' the POD idea?

I like both Richard Zvonar's thoughts, as well as Italo's.


the list moderator formerly known as rich

>>words of wisdom, Martin!!! They still talk about "ethics" with
>You don't believe in professional ethics?
>If Company A spends a lot of money to design a piece of equipment 
>and then Company B simply copies the design and sells it at a lower 
>price, this is OK with you?
Richard Zvonar, PhD