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Re: An L.A. house concert with Steve Lawson -- HOW ABOUT A PLAN?

either day is cool with me! the timing is perfect as my girls are

btw, i wouldn't mind making this a regular event if people are

feel free to give me a shout.

i do have a little mackie 1202vlz, various mics and other gear and a good
biamped event monitor system with a sub that should be just fine for that
size room. or anyone good bring amps too.

818/563-6514 home

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 20:01:56 -0700 Andre LaFosse
<altruist@altruistmusic.com> writes:
> "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" wrote:
> > If you guys have a house concert with Steve Lawson,  please, 
> please get
> > two or three of you L.A. loopers on the bill and have
> OK!
> If there's room on the bill and the schedule, I'd be delighted to do
> some playing if anyone will have me (so to speak... ahem).
> My real-time solo guitar-loop demo tape:
> http://www.altruistmusic.com/archive/loop.html (four years old but 
> not
> so shabby)
> http://www.altruistmusic.com/soundfiles/theory1.mp3
> My schedule's pretty open, and my gear would be a guitar, an EDP, a
> Vortex, and maybe a guitar amp or two.  Or I can run into a board if
> it'll make life easier.  I can also offer my gear to others to play
> through if they'd like, so long as the signals and levels aren't
> exceedingly excessive.
> I'd be down with playing solo, in tandem with someone else --
> whatever, for however long.  I've wanted to see an LA thing like 
> this
> happen for a while, and I've wanted to dust off the solo loop-show
> thing for myself as well.  Two birds with one stone, as they say...
> I can pretty much guarantee I could bring a few folks as well, some 
> of
> whom are very well-versed in the loop-realm...
> Logistics:
> If Tony can provide the space and do it any day other than Friday,
> then how about Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th?  Or the weekend
> after that if need be?
> Here's the potential players thus far:
> Steve Lawson
> Gary Lehman
> Tony Moore
> My own meager self
> Anyone else I've missed?  Or haven't missed?  
> Someone reply to this, and help get this thing happening, please!
> Andre LaFosse | Disruption Theory | http://www.altruistmusic.com
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> "A spectacular collision of manifold musical thoughts and 
> patterns... To
> call Disruption Theory a futuristic album would be an 
> understatement."
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> "Fucking amazing CD."
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> pyrotechnics and burning sounds, but with a sensitivity to weirdness 
> and
> experimentation. Disruption Theory reveals the difference it makes 
> when
> a player knows what he is doing. Here is one that deserves the title
> 'unique'." (Expose Magazine, October 2000)
> "Fripp and Zappa, step aside."  (MOJO Magazine, May 2000)
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